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Accessibility Working Group (AWG)

The Accessibility Working Group was established at Ontario Tech University in September 2010 with the intent of creating a campus that is inclusive and barrier-free to all individuals with disabilities. In response to the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, and eventually the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, which mandated accessibility planning province-wide, the Accessibility Working Group published its first Multi-Year Accessibility Plan. The objective of this foundational plan was to establish the university’s commitment towards developing and maintaining a study and work environment that is inclusive and facilitates the full participation of all students and employees with disabilities in all aspects of the university. 


Ex-Officio Members

Julie Day (Co-Chair), Health and Disability Management Specialist, Human Resources, or delegate
Nancy Arulnathan (Co-Chair), Compliance Officer, Office of the Vice President, Administration, or delegate
Andrew Sunstrum, Director, Human Rights Office, Office of the University Secretary and General Counsel, or delegate
Kelsey Ford, Manager, Student Accessibility Services, Office of Student Life, or delegate
Susan Forbes, Director, Teaching & Learning Centre, Office of Learning Innovation, or delegate
On a bi-annual basis, a Chair will be chosen from the ex-officio membership, by the ex-officio members.
Each academic year, a Vice-Chair will be chosen from the ex-officio members by the Chair.

Appointed Members

Chris Woods, Manager, Digital and User Experience, Communications and Marketing, or delegate
Marie Harvey, Social Media Coordinator, Communications & Marketing, or delegate
Ken Bright, Director, Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability, or delegate
Jennifer Racine, Manager, Scheduling & Registration, Office of the Registrar, or delegate
Jeanette Oliveira, One (1) representative from Teaching & Learning Centre, Office of Learning Innovation
Steve Crane, Assistive Technology Specialist, Student Accessibility Services, Office of Student Life
Samantha Brown, President, Ontario Tech Student Union (OTSU), or delegate
Catie Sahadath, Associate University Librarian, Scholarly Resources, Campus Library, or delegate
Vacant, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Office of the Provost, or delegate
Dan Crouse, Director, Academic Advising, Office of the Deputy Provost or delegate
Christine Cairns, One (1) representative from Information Technology Services
Kaitlynn Gambier, One (1) representative from the Office of Research Services
Scott Barker, Director, Ontario Tech Athletics or delegate

Accessibility Working Group’s terms of reference