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Accessible instruction

ClassroomReasonable accommodations can usually be made to course requirements without compromising any of the key structural components of a course. In order for such accommodations to be made, there must be a clear understanding of these key components. The accommodations recommended for a student are not meant to alter fundamental course or departmental structure or requirements. See Universal Design for Learning.

There are many things you can do within the classroom or online that will benefit the majority of your students, including students who have disabilities. Begin by asking the following questions regarding program, course, and instruction to determine what accommodations are best for each student:

  • What academic skills must be demonstrated;
  • What specific knowledge, principles or concepts must be mastered;
  • What skills will be needed in the field after graduation;
  • What methods of instruction are non-negotiable? Why;
  • What alternate methods of instruction could be used to present essential program or course components in a variety of ways;
  • In what ways might equipment and other resources be used to enhance the learning opportunity?

Please contact the Teaching and Learning Centre for any questions you might have regarding accessible instruction –